Thalia Agroti is a Greek-Cypriot multidisciplinary artist holding academic experience in MFA Computational Arts, MA Sound Arts and BA(hons) Contemporary Media Practice.

She enjoys exploring, fusing and continually learning about different forms of media between the intersection of art and science.

With an outmost affinity to the ephemerality of sound, Thalia's practice has taken a more physical presence through an enhanced curiosity for materials that can be paired with technology.

In whichever form her work manifests in, she intuitively engages with ideas that primarily stem from personal experiences and introspection.

While sentimentality is the fuel for her creative drive, the final outcome is often immersive or interactive in nature, in an effort to bring forward a mutual understanding for the viewer, or simply to allow room for playful inquisitiveness.

Her recent research fuses themes surrounding existentialism with the non-human, through a speculative approach.